Why You Should Download Your Twitch Clips

Why You Should Download Your Twitch Clips

As a creator, you should always be doing what you can to own your content. You never know when the platform you're creating content on will make changes to their platform, which could result in your content being more difficult to access – or worse, deleted for good.

So you should download your Twitch clips as well as your Twitch vods as often as you can for that reason alone.

Depending on how long you've been streaming on Twitch, this might be a really long process. However, there are some tools that can help automate it.

We recommend using CommanderRoot's Vault tool. This service allows you to backup your Twitch VODs (Past broadcasts, highlights and uploads) and Clips on the Cloud. You can also then download the backed up files if you want.

The pricing is very straight forward. You only pay for what you use:
0.02€ per GB storage used per month (based on the average usage that month)
0.10€ per GB network traffic (only outwards traffic is counted)

8 hour stream at 6000 bitrate consumes around 2.7 GB per hour so 21.6 GB in total. 21.6 GB would then be 0.43€ in storage fees per month.

Another reason why it's important to download your Twitch clips is so that you can edit them yourself. Twitch doesn't have a great editing experience right now, and so being able to edit them yourself using something like Combo will be important for you as a creator.