Where to Find the Most Popular TikTok Songs

Where to Find the Most Popular TikTok Songs

176 different songs surpassed one million video views on TikTok in 2020.

Sounds crazy, right?

Yet, many content creators have had success on the app by simply adding a popular song to their videos. But with so many users posting fresh content every day, it can be hard to know what music is on-trend. We’ll show you where to find the top trending tracks that are sure to get your videos viewed by millions.

Why you should use songs on TikTok

Music is the driving force behind TikTok. It’s a powerful tool that has seen musicians get their songs in the top spot of the music charts again and again.

Drake incorporated the Toosie Slide dance alongside the release of his 2020 hit. The viral video reached one million views in just three days and ignited a dance craze. Fans around the world began uploading videos of the routine. And with it, their profiles quickly began to soar across the platform.

Today, using music on the app has evolved from dance challenges to lip-syncing and more. Users are utilizing chart-topping songs and classic records for a range of trends. Fleetwood Mac’s 1997 hit Dreams tripled in sales after one TikToker set a new craze.

Nathan Apodaca went viral after posting a video of himself singing the famous lyrics. In the video, he is seen swigging cranberry juice as he skateboarded to work. Content creators and celebrities rushed to recreate the video.  With Fleetwood Mac cashing in as the average use of Dreams increased by 1380%.

The algorithm prioritizes content created from viral videos as it favors similar content. Using the same music will help your content rank higher and connect you to your ideal audience.

It’s now more important than ever to keep up to date with the most successful songs as more people download TikTok. However, it can be hard to know what tunes are best to use as new trends emerge every day. Luckily, there are plenty of places where you can find the best ones to use. The top three sites to visit include:

  • Spotify
  • Tokboard
  • YouTube


Spotify has become the go-to place to listen and discover music for all kinds of occasions. The streaming service has plenty of playlists for popular TikTok music. And most lists are updated to keep up with the songs that are currently trending.

Search for TikTok and scroll through the results of Spotify and TikTok’s own playlists, as well as other users’. Each list contains the entire track of hit songs to give you a feel of what could work for your audience.

The playlists change over time but there are some which will keep you in the loop. The TikTok Hits playlist was created by Spotify and includes viral, trending, and taking off songs. TikTok Viral was created by TikTok and features the most trending songs on the video platform.


Tokboard is the best way to see which songs are topping the TikTok charts at any moment. The data-collection engine monitors past and present trends on TikTok to help you find the most successful songs to use for your videos.

It works by collecting data from the app to create a list of hit songs ranked by how many plays they have gotten during the week. It also measures how many viral videos have used the melody in the past 7 days so you can see what trends are dying out.

Each list also allows you to click through and watch the top trending videos made with a sound. This handy feature is a great way to find inspiration for your videos. It also provides an easy way to see what dance challenges are trending so you can learn the routine for your own videos.


YouTube is ideal for watching a compilation of trending TikTok songs used by the top creators. There are many videos to choose from, but Redlist and Cloudland are two of the best accounts to check out to find the hottest tracks of the moment.

Redlist uploads videos of the most used songs of the month to show creators what’s working. The account also posts videos of current dance crazes and viral music mashups to help you stay up to date.

Cloudland has many playlists full of popular TikTok songs. They have split the tunes into genres to help you pick a sound to get the right feel for your video. The account also compiled a playlist of the most used tracks on TikTok in 2021 to give you an idea of what content works best.

How to use songs on TikTok

Another way to find out what songs work best is by searching through TikTok itself. Touch the magnifying glass on the app to bring up the discover page. On the page, you will see all the videos and sounds that are trending organized by hashtag. Search through the hashtags to find the videos that will best suit your audience.

From there, it’s easy to save songs to use for your videos. At the bottom of the video, click on the song title to go to a page that lists the tune and all the videos that have used it. Tap on ‘Use This Sound’ at the bottom of the screen to make a video right away, or add it to your Favorites to save it for later.

Whatever content you plan to create, including one of the most popular songs on TikTok will help boost views and get you noticed.

Take a look at Spotify and Tokboard to find trending sounds to make your video pop. Browse YouTube or TikTok’s discover page for the inspiration behind the songs to help you stand out from the crowd. It’s never been easier to make your videos go viral with the right music.

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