What Can Editors do on Twitch?

What Can Editors do on Twitch?

In another article, we covered how to make someone an editor on Twitch.

But with that role comes some power that you should be aware of.

So in this post, we'll quickly take a look at what editors on your Twitch channel can do, what information they have access to, and more.

In general, think of the editor role on your Twitch channel as someone who has access to your video content both while you're live and while you are offline. They can change the category you're streaming in, your stream title, run commercial breaks and so much more.

Editors are able to access a channel’s dashboard and help streamers manage their channel by performing the following actions:

  • Editing stream info
  • Running commercial breaks
  • Editing video info
  • Uploading videos
  • Starting Reruns
  • Downloading Past Broadcasts
  • Reviewing, searching, sorting, and deleting (including mass deleting) clips
  • Setting channel clipping permissions