The Best Webcam Filters for Creators

The Best Webcam Filters for Creators

Webcam filters are handy tools for individuals who frequently video chat or go on live streams.

Whether you’re taking a picture with your webcam, video chatting, or going live; filters can do wonders for your overall presentation. Your live video can transition from a run-off-the-mill boring stream to an attractive and vibrant affair with the click of a button.

Who wouldn't want to look good live if all it takes is simple software? Still not sure which software to use to take your live videos to the next level? We've got you covered. Here is a list of some of the best Webcam Filters you can download and use instantly.

Snap Camera

Everyone knows that the best feature the popular app Snapchat has to offer is its multitude of filters. So, whether you want to put on fake makeup, brighten your skin, or look like a hamster, Snapchat has a filter for it all.

Now, Snapchat’s developers have come up with a completely free desktop application for you to use with your webcam called Snap Camera. Not only is the application free, but you don’t need an account on Snapchat to download the app either.

The application is supported by Windows 10 and macOS and lets you choose from thousands of webcam filters you can use for your live videos and streams. These filters, also called lenses, are created by Snapchat developers and users, so the choices are endless! From simple effects to complex animations, Snap Camera has it all.

SparkoCam Virtual Webcam

A favorite among professional broadcasters and vloggers, SparcoCam Virtual Webcam is an excellent software with some exciting features. What sets SparcoCam apart from most Webcam filters software is that you can use high-end DSLR cameras from Nikon and Canon as webcams through a simple HDMI cable.

As expected, the picture quality and resolution supported by the software are unmatched. Other nifty features include a green screen in real-time, the ability to split your webcam stream, and easy integration with applications such as Skype and Zoom. SparcoCam is loaded with cool webcam effects and filters. Fun accessories such as glasses and hats, graphics, animations, and filters are simply a click away.

YouCam 9 Deluxe

If you’re looking for a no-fuss, straightforward webcam filters software, then YouCam 9 Delux should be on top of your list. One of the most popular webcam software out there, YouCam 9 Deluxe, is packed with a ton of great features while boasting a simple, user-friendly interface.

The software has a wide variety of filters, stickers, emoticons, and effects. It also contains virtual face avatars, Augmented Reality (AR) stickers, and even live animation! What’s more, YouCam 9 Delux can easily be integrated with various social media applications such as Yahoo Messenger and Skype.

For vloggers wanting more technical features, YouCam 9 Delux is able to save videos and pictures in a variety of formats such as BMP, PNG, JPG, MP4, VMW, and AVI and support Full HD resolution videos as well.

Logitech Capture

Logitech Capture is a powerful webcam application created for Logitech Webcams. The software is a dream come true for influencers and vloggers who can play around with various features to create unique and exciting content.

Live text overlays, numerous effects and webcam filters, vertical aspect video recording in 9:16 ratio, and dual-screen recording are just some of the features that make this software so popular.

Additionally, the app can easily be integrated with most social media platforms such as Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube Live for live streaming. Last but not least, like most superior webcam software, Logitech Capture also supports a green screen (Chroma key).

ArcSoft Magic-i Visual Effects

A great application to add exciting filters and effects to your webcam, ArcSoft Magic-i can easily be downloaded on your Windows desktop. Users who prefer subtle changes to their videos can simply use the sliders to enhance brightness, color, contrast, etc.

However, the application has an extensive collection of premade special effects that work like magic to add a new dimension to your videos. The variety of webcam filters include masks, face distortions, accessories, themed backgrounds, and much more.

The only downside to the application is that it is a little more complex and takes a little getting used to. However, considering the extensive collection of features it has, the application is overall relatively straightforward.


Webcam Filters are an excellent way to add character to your videos. Whether you’re chatting with friends or going live, having handy filters to blur imperfections or add color can drastically improve your videos.

You can use free versions of webcam filter software and apps if you’re happy with having a limited selection of filters, or you can choose to go with the paid versions and unlock a wide variety of features to really have fun with your videos. The webcam filter software mentioned in the list is simple and easy to use, choose the best one for your webcam and start live streaming fun videos now!