The Best Way to Store Your Short form Clips

These are the best ways to store your short form clips.

The Best Way to Store Your Short form Clips

If you're a content creator or filmmaker, you likely have a lot of short-form video clips that you need to store and organize. Maybe it's clips from your podcast, your vlog, or a client you're working with. In any case, having a way to organize and store them is critical. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best options for storing short-form video clips.

A good old external hard drive

While it may feel like you're stuck in the early 2000s using an external hard drive, it's most likely your most inexpensive (and sometimes safest) option. You can now get tons of storage on an external hard drive for less than $100. Just do a quick search on Google (or Amazon) and take your pick!

Cloud storage

Ah, the cloud. Just the best. Cloud storage is popular if you want to store (and access) your video files from anywhere. You can use the classics like Google Drive, Dropbox, and others – like Combo – to upload and store your short-form clips. It's really useful if you're collaborating with a team on your project.

Media asset management software

Media Asset Management (MAM) systems are software solutions designed to manage and organize media assets like video clips. MAM systems are particularly useful for larger organizations that need to store and manage a vast amount of video content. These systems can help you keep your video clips organized and easily accessible by providing metadata tagging and search functionalities.


Storing short-form video clips is an essential part of content creation and filmmaking. Choosing the right storage solution can help you keep your video files organized, easily accessible, and secure. Consider your needs and the size of your organization when choosing a storage solution. Whether you choose an external hard drive, cloud storage, MAM system, NAS, or external SSD, make sure it meets your requirements for capacity, speed, and security.