The Best Podcasts for Creators

The Best Podcasts for Creators

Nowadays, podcasts are an extremely popular media format used to consume information. In the last two years, they have skyrocketed in popularity leaving people with a great form of knowledge at the touch of a button. Infinite Dial, a research company, put a significant amount of time into research that proved that 26% of Americans listened to a podcast in the last month with an average pace of 7 podcasts per week.

This is an interesting statistic that only further proves just how important podcasts are in our society. With podcasts, you are able to use time effectively while at the gym, stuck in traffic, or cleaning the house. Each podcast is centered toward a specific target audience.

If you’re a creator, it can be hard to find podcasts that actually help you out. Let’s take a look at 8 great podcasts for creators.

1. TubeTalk

TubeTalk is the premier podcast to help YouTubers grow and determine an effective strategy. However, it also helps TikTokers and Vloggers find their paths. In this podcast, you will find episodes packed with information about growth, marketing, and social media strategies.

There are plenty of big names on these podcasts. While casual video creators may find this podcast a bit too “in your face”, it does have some great information. If you’re dedicated to what you do and would like to make it a full-time career, this podcast has what you need.

2. Women of YouTube

This is yet another great podcast. While the name does point towards women, it is helpful for absolutely anyone. Women of YouTube is run by Desiree Martinez who is a dedicated YouTuber who focuses mainly on content marketing and social media marketing on her channel known as All-In-One Social Media.

It is a very focused podcast that features a variety of different female YouTubers in every single episode. Topics range from mental health and career development to video editing and live streaming. It really is one of the best creator podcasts out there.

With practical business insights, creative inspiration, personal storytelling, and creator lifestyle advice, it should be at the top of your list.

3. The Cutting Room

If you’re looking for a consistent podcast with a professional focus on video editing in film and television, The Cutting Room is what you need. In this podcast, you will hear from top video editors from A-list productions.

They have likely produced movies and shows you’ve watched yourself. If you’re a creator, some of it won’t apply to you. However, it is filled to the bring with information from relevant creators involved in professional video editing.

4. Video Creators

Video Creators is the podcast arm of the Video Creators YouTube Channel. This podcast features a large range of expert tips, tricks, and best practices for succeeding as a creator. It also features many of the underrated strategies for content creation and sustained success.

You will find plenty of useful, effective, and evidence-backed advice from experienced creators.

5. YouTube Creators Hub

Although the name implies that it is strictly YouTube-based, YouTube Creators Hub talks about all things content creation. Whether you’re just starting out or rebranding, this podcast has plenty of helpful information to help you find success in your chosen niche.

You will find basically everything you need in this fruitful and engaging podcast that features loads of personal experience, valuable anecdotes, and industry tips. If you’re looking for general ways to improve your content as a small creator, there is no better podcast.

6. The For You Podcast

The For You Podcast is all about TikTok, the hottest video creation platform right now. While there aren’t as many established podcasts for TikTok yet, due to it being a newer platform, The For You podcast is most certainly a clear standout.

It is hosted by the viral sensation “Kombucha Girl” whose real name is Brittney Broski. It features a lot of A-list TikTokers such as Josh Richards, Abby Roberts, Loren Gray, and even Billy Nye. It is the perfect mix of fun and knowledge from advice and experience to video creation.

7. Digital Production Buzz

The Digital Production Buzz podcast is perfect for anyone who is involved, or wants to be involved, with video production on a daily basis. If you’re looking to stay up to date and learn about equipment and trends as well as what is happening in the industry, this is the podcast you need.

It is recorded once a week. It is packed full of information that will keep you up to date and help you succeed. It features tips from top pros in the industry to provide you with helpful and fact-based information.

It is hosted by Larry Jordan, an internationally renowned digital media consultant, and Apple-Certified trainer. The podcast is mainly aimed towards filmmakers but there is very valuable information in the podcast for creators.

8. That Post Show

That Post Show is a roundtable discussion podcast featuring many industry experts who speak about the art of science, video, film, and post-production. The show speaks about leading software representatives ranging from Abode to Autodesk, and other new releases.

This podcast is easygoing and is often compared to hanging out at the local pub with your friends. All comments in the podcast are honest, true, and real. That is what makes it perfect for new creators wanting to enter the industry without stress.

The bottom line

Podcasts are a fantastic way to facilitate self-guided learning in 2021. The booming podcast landscape only allows more opportunities to learn and grow on your chosen platform. With podcasts, you can truly learn about anything.

This list will help you find the best resources in the form of podcasts for video creators. Whether you are simply looking to grow your TikTok account or boost a television career, these podcasts will help you out. It can be hard to find podcasts directly targeted to creators.

However, the list of podcasts above features some of the best. Enjoy!