The Best Cameras for Streaming in 2022

The Best Cameras for Streaming in 2022

Live streaming has become a part of our daily lives. From social media influencers posting content to family members sharing memorable moments, there is always some variation of a live stream happening, as that's how many of us share our lives, from work to personal.
If streaming is an essential part of your life, you'll need a camera that works well for streaming purposes. There are a few components your camera will need if you plan to stream with it regularly.

Reliable Power Supply and Unlimited Run Time

Live streams can run for hours, depending on the topic. The worst thing for your audience is for you to cut off mid-sentence. If your current camera doesn't have a reliable power source or an AC adapter, it's time to purchase one that does!

Also, ensure the camera you choose to live stream doesn't have an automatic shut-off. Many cameras turn off after only thirty minutes, and as we all know, most live streams run much longer than that.

While these things aren't the only requirements for a camera that creates a successful live stream, they're high on the list. You'll want to look for a camera that provides a clean HDMI signal as well, without any of your UI elements (exposure, battery life) visible. Overheating can be a significant issue, so choose a camera with a good reputation for staying cool and collected.

Cameras that Make Live Streaming a Breeze

Since you've likely recently concluded that you need a camera to assist with your live streaming, we can assure you that you're in the right place. There are hundreds of cameras on the market to choose from regarding live streaming, and shopping can quickly become overwhelming. The following are the best cameras for streaming available for purchase today!

The Logitech C922 Pro HD Stream Webcam

Possibly one of the most popular webcams currently available from retailers, this reliable camera costs around $120, depending on where you make your purchase. The Logitech C922 PRO HD Stream Webcam features:

  • Fantastic autofocus and light correction
  • Dual microphones
  • Stereo audio
  • Diagonal field of view (78°)
  • 1080p30, 720p60 streaming over USB

The only downside to this camera is the digital video quality. It's pretty standard for a webcam, which means while your audience will be able to tune in and see you well, there are better video broadcast options out there.

Microsoft Lifecam Studio for Business

Incredibly affordable and ranging in purchase price from $80 to $120, the Microsoft Lifecam Studio for Business is an incredibly popular webcam among consumers that routinely live streams. There are a couple of models available for this webcam, but it's recommended (by many reviewers and us) to go with the Business model over the Cinema model.

Why? The Business version comes with a tripod, 1080p resolution, and digital zoom! However, similar to the Logitech, this camera delivers webcam video quality. Other than that, it features:

  • A 75° diagonal field of view
  • Wideband internal microphone
  • 1080p30 streaming over USB
  • CMOS sensor technology
  • 360° Rotation

Overall, this webcam is an excellent choice for those looking to live stream regularly.

Panasonic HC-V180K

From small events to regular company or personal live streams, the Panasonic HC-V180K has you covered. This camera is a very affordable option at $200, and it's the perfect camera for consumers that need something lightweight with a rotating display. In addition to lightness and rotation, this camera features:

  • Mini HDMI output
  • 1/5.8″ BSI MOS sensor
  • 1080p60 streaming

Every camera has its drawbacks, and the Panasonic HC-V180K is no exception. Subdued colors and soft focus are a couple of issues that pop up for users, but overall, this camera is stellar.

Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera

Though it comes with quite the price jump at $5,500 and up, the Canon EOS C7 Cinema Camera is a wise investment for those serious about live streaming. This camera comes with durability, quality performance, versatility, and portability, along with the ability to capture a wide range, showing vibrant imagery, plenty of detail, and super low noise levels.

It has impressive features, including:

  • Two mini XLR three-pin inputs, one 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack
  • Up to 4K60 streaming
  • Full-size HDMI 2.0 out
  • Super 35 mm Dual Gain Output sensor
  • Available IP streaming with a third-party optional USB-C to Ethernet cable
  • Dual pixel autofocus and face tracking

The only downside of the Canon EOS C70 Cinema Cameral is the price. Consumers should also keep in mind that lenses for this camera come at an extra cost.

The Best Cameras to Perfect Your Streaming Capabilities

The camera you choose to stream with comes down to personal preferences, such as size, weight, capabilities, and of course, budget. Before purchasing, make a list of what you want and which cameras fulfill your needs within your resources. If you stick to your list, you're sure to find the perfect camera for your live stream in no time!