The Best Audiogram Generators for 2022

The Best Audiogram Generators for 2022

What is a genuinely effective alternative to the podcast audiogram for advertising and visual storytelling? You could be overwhelmed by the options if you've been looking for video and audiogram platforms and tools to help advertise podcasts on social media.

Don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll break down the top audiogram apps to try in 2022 for all your storytelling needs.


WoFox has a wide range of motion graphic apps, including infographic and GIF creators as well as video and animation editors. They also include audiogram video production tools for podcasts and audio files. The WoFox Free Plan gives you access to all of their templates and components, as well as infinite designs, high-resolution video, and 30-second films. Only personal videos are allowed under their free license. Their Business Plan is $19 per month and includes everything mentioned above as well as an ad-free interface, the opportunity to upload your own typefaces, an unlimited cloud store, limitless 1080px movies, and films up to 2 minutes in length. Their business concept enables movies to be used for commercial purposes. Between all of their numerous uses, they provide a lot of value for the money.


Wavve is a desktop software that creates audiograms and has various interesting features. It's simple to design your own fascinating, graphically stunning audiogram with subtitles with it. Wavve provides you the ability to use audio material to create Instagram videos that generate greater reach and engagement around your brand and content by adding a backdrop image and adjusting the proportions of your video. Among other fascinating features, it lets you choose the sort of audiogram or waveform you desire. Wavve also allows you to upload album artwork and add audiograms to your tracks. allows you to not only produce visually appealing video podcasts but also to publish and distribute them. is a tool that may help your podcast expand and is widely utilized by professional podcasters. The software has some fantastic capabilities that allow you to include not just audiograms but also transcriptions and design templates in your podcast. allows you to manage various podcasts while also providing you with podcast stats. This tool allows you to track the success of your podcast.


Because of its low pricing and extensive feature set, Headliner App is one of the top applications on this list. The platform's free plan allows users to upload up to 10 films every month without watermarks, which is a fantastic deal. If you want to make more than 10 films each month on the Free Plan, you can, but the extra videos will have watermarks. Unlimited videos without watermarks, bespoke watermarks, free stock videos and graphics, the option to build reusable templates, personalized intro and outro videos, the ability to import your own typefaces, and excellent tech support are all included in the $12.95 per month Pro Plan. The user interface is very excellent and simple to operate.


Auphonic provides audio leveling, volume normalization, sound restoration, cross-talk deletion, voice recognition, voice transcription (great for podcasts!), audio file encoding, content dissemination, and audiogram video creation as part of its podcast post-production services. Auphonic has the advantage of being able to build an audiogram for your full podcast, not just a two-minute segment. Long audiograms will be encoded as 720p movies, whereas short audiograms will be encoded as 1080p. It's also possible to submit numerous Chapter Images, which will alter the background image during the entire podcast.


Podcasters may use Audioburst's free tools to promote their programs on social media and through SEO. An audiogram maker is one of the tools included in those packages. Audioburst listens for new episodes and imports them into their system, then breaks down your podcast into brief audio bursts to catch the highlights. After that, you may share the bursts on social media or embed them on your website. Audioburst also provides a free transcription of the full program. A video audiogram can be as long as five minutes in duration. There are no costly add-ons and Audioburst is 100% free for producers. At this pricing range, it's difficult to identify flaws in such a varied variety of tools and analytics.