Share to Instagram Reels

How do I connect my Combo account to my Instagram Reels account?

To connect your Combo account to your Instagram Reels account, head to your Settings > Connections page and click Login with Facebook. You’ll need to make sure your Instagram account is an Instagram Business account. You can read more about that here.

What specifically do I need to know about this integration?

  1. Instagram creator accounts are not supported. Your account must be an Instagram business profile. Learn more about setting up an Instagram business profile here.
  2. You can only upload 25 videos per day.
  3. Reels should be between 5 and 90 seconds for the best experience.

How long does my video have to be to share it to Reels?

For the best results, make sure your video is anywhere from 5 to 90 seconds long.

How do I disconnect my Instagram Reels account from Combo?

To disconnect your account from Combo, head to your settings > Connection page and click the Disconnect button for your connection.

I'm running into some issues. Where do I learn more about this connection?

Facebook has made this connection a bit more confusing than it needs to be. Head to the official Facebook website to learn more.