Important Social Media Calendar Events for 2022

Important Social Media Calendar Events for 2022

Are you a social media manager, content creator, or business owner looking to grow your social media accounts in 2022? Is your goal to capture your target audience's attention and get your followers to engage more with your page? Do you struggle to come up with fresh and engaging social media posts?

If yes to any of these questions, then we have tips to share on creating engaging and relevant social media content all year round in 2022.

First, you need a content calendar for the whole year. This may seem like a daunting task, but you can make the process easier by planning universally significant dates and events. We are going to run you through some of the important social media calendar events for 2022.

But first, why is it important to have a social media content calendar for the year?

And why do need to acknowledge these important dates on your social media page?


January 1st- New Year: This is a great opportunity to share inspirational posts about the new year and to share your brand's goals for the new year

January 6th- National Technology Day

January 17th- Martin Luther King, Jnr Day


February 1st- Chinese New Year

February 4th- World Cancer Day

February 9th- National Pizza Day

February 13th- Superbowl: This is a pop culture day. You definitely don't want to miss.

February 14th- Valentines Day: If you are brand, the days leading to valentines day is a great time to run valentines day related promotions,  deals, and offers.


March 3rd- World Wildlife Day

March 8th- International Women's Day

March 13th- Daylight Savings Day

March 17th- St Patrick's Day

March 20th- International Day of Happiness

March 31st- Transgender Day of Visibility


April 1st- April Fools

April 2nd- Ramadan Starts

April 7th- World Health Day

April 17th- Easter Sunday

April 22nd- Earth Day


May 1st- International Workers Day

May 5th- Cinco De Mayo

May 8th- Mother's Day: This is an opportunity to run mother's day targeted promotions to increase sales.

May 30th: Memorial Day


June 5th- World Environment Day

June 8th- World Oceans Day

June 8th-  Best Friend's Day: This is an underutilized day for promoting deals and offers. Your brand can change that this year.

June 20th- Father's Day

June 21st- World Music Day

June 30th- Social Media Day


July 4th- Independence Day

July 7th- World Chocolate Day

July 25th- National Parents Day


August 12th- World Youth Day

August 19th- World Photo Day/ World Humanitarian Day

August 21st- World Entrepreneur Day

August 26th-  World Women's Equality Day


September 5th- International Day of Charity/ Labor Day

September 10th- World Suicide Prevention Day

September 27th- World Tourism Day


October 1st- National Coffee Day

October 10th- World Mental Health Day

October 31- Halloween


November 1st- World Vegan Day

November 24th- Thanksgiving Day

November 25th- Black Friday Day: This is the biggest sales opportunity of the year.

November 28th- Cyber Monday


December 1st- World AIDS day

December 3rd- International  Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 25th- Christmas Day

December 31st- New's Years eve