How to Share Large Videos in Discord

How to Share Large Videos in Discord

If you’ve ever tried to share large files on Discord, you’ve likely seen the following message: “Your files are too powerful. The max file size is 8 MB.” For a monthly or yearly fee, you can switch from the free version of Discord to the paid one, which allows video sharing up to 100MB.

But you also have a few other options if you’re not ready to upgrade. Here, we’ll show you a few other ways to share large files on Discord, including using video convertors or compressing tools, and more.

Learn about video conversion and video compression

If you’re using a smart phone or some other, non-professional video recording device, it will probably convert and/or compress your video even as the footage is being recorded. This is because your original files, often processed as .RAW or other similar formats, are quite large. Without video compression, phone storage is quickly used up.

The differences between video conversion and video compression

Video conversion and video compression may sound like interchangeable terms, but they’re not. Here’s where they differ.

Video conversion

Video conversion means changing the video file from one file format to another format. For example, your original files may be created as a larger, higher resolution .RAW file extension. But to make your file smaller, you can use a converter that changes your format using a variety of presets: for example, converting your video from a larger .RAW video file to a smaller MP4 or .MOV file, etc.

Video compression

Meanwhile, compressing a video means making it smaller, so it takes less file space to send it via the internet. For example, if you use a video compressor you can shrink a 32MB RAW file to a 16MB or 8MB file, etc. The size changes but the file format stays the same unless you use a video converter of some form later.

Here’s 4 easy ways to share large video files on Discord

If you don’t have access to the paid version of Discord, you’ll have to figure out a way to make your files smaller or to use links to share.

Let’s look at a few choices, starting with resizing your video.

Edit or resize files using apps you may already own

Instead of compressing or converting, you can first try resizing or editing the original video, making it smaller by using the edit tools found in your video or camera app. Common apps you’ll already have are the Camera or Photos apps currently available with most Windows and iOS devices, and also Google Camera. You also may find these tools in many other paid camera apps you may have downloaded already. You won’t be able to convert or compress per se, but you can use editing tools to make the entire file smaller, like editing a Word document. In some cases, simply trimming the beginning and/or end of the video file, may work—especially since there is often not much happening at the video’s end points.

Getting your video file onto Discord

  1. First, the file must be trimmed/edited, converted, or compressed
  2. You’ll use the Export/or Download button to transfer the smaller file to your device or drive
  3. Then you’ll be able to “Upload” the smaller file to Discord using Drag or Drop or by using the Upload button. It’s found in the Discord Message window

Use tools found in common video and photo apps

You may be surprised to realize that you already have some editing and convertor or compression apps on your computer or mobile device. If you have some paid or free photo or design apps you may have access to video editing, conversion and/or compression tools included in these apps.

Also, many paid camera apps offer more features than those found in the camera/video apps that come with your phone. Go to the Help section of the app and search for “video compression” or “video conversion” for instructions.

Use the same steps as above to get your video file onto Discord.

Use more powerful, standalone video compression or video converter apps

If you have large video files, plan to do a lot of video uploading, or don’t already own an app like mentioned above, you may want to download a more powerful video converter or compression solution. Search online for “video converter” or video compression” to find the desktop or mobile tool of your choice. Some popular video compression programs include Kapwing and HandBrake but there are many others on the market.

Again, use the same steps listed earlier to add your video on Discord.

Most of the above solutions will also give you a secondary option of creating a shareable link to share your videos. This will be the easiest option. After the file has been converted or compressed, simply Copy and Paste the link provided by the app you’re using. Then paste this link into the body of your Discord message; anyone who clicks the link will be taken to a cloud platform to view the video.

This option may be found in professional standalone solutions, as well as in many common mobile video/camera apps, and other solutions including:

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • YouTube
  • Social media
  • And other cloud-based drives and platforms

Carefully follow the instructions on the specific app or platform where your video is stored for details.

Use Discord’s Nitro upgrade

This is the one that Discord suggests for sending large videos.

For a yearly or monthly fee, Discord users can:

  • Send files up to 100 MB
  • Have HD video support
  • And more

Sharing your videos is easy if you have the right tools

Hopefully, these solutions will help you share files more easily on the Discord platform. Have more questions about our service? You can contact us here.