How to Post Twitch Clips to YouTube Shorts

How to Post Twitch Clips to YouTube Shorts

If you're looking for an easy way to post your Twitch clips to YouTube Shorts, you've come to the right place.

Shorts is a new feature from YouTube that's similar to TikTok. It's mobile online, and follows the same kind of algorithmic, vertical scrolling feed that everyone has come to love on TikTok.

In its most recent earnings report, YouTube said Shorts were generating 6.5 billion daily views, a substantial uptick over the 3.5 billion daily views that the feature was generating in late January.

And just like TikTok, Shorts are a great place to post your Twitch clips. So in this post, we'll take a look at how you can convert your Twitch clips into videos that are perfect for YouTube Shorts.

In this article, we'll take a look at how you can use COMBO to convert your Twitch clips to Shorts. It's the easiest, fastest, and best way to convert your clips to Shorts.

1. Join with your Twitch account

COMBO works for TikToks, Shorts, and Reels

First, head over to COMBO and sign up with your Twitch account. You'll be prompted to authorize COMBO to get access to a few things about your Twitch account – including access to your clips. This means COMBO will be able to automatically import your clips into COMBO so that you can edit them in a few clicks, and then upload them to YouTube Shorts.

2. Pick a clip you want to edit

Once you're logged in to your COMBO account, you'll see all of your recent Twitch clips on your main dashboard. Here you can edit one of the clips that was automatically imported, or, you can import a specific link using a link, or upload a local video file if you have it saved to your computer.

3. Pick a view for your clip

When you've selected the clip you want to edit for Shorts, you can pick one of two different views for the final video. The video with center crop option works well for first person games, while the video with full view and blur is great for third person games or other kinds of content.

4. Add your facecam

If you use a facecam on your stream, you can include it in your clip. You can highlight your facecam with a circle or a square or rectangle crop – it's completely up to you how you want to crop your facecam for your Shorts video.

5. Place your facecam on your clip

Once you're happy with the crop styling of your facecam, you can position it, resize it, and move it around on your clip. You'll also see a safe area of where you can include your facecam, so that it isn't covered once the final video is uploaded to Shorts.

6. Submit for processing

After you've picked where you want your facecam to be placed, you can submit it for processing. Within a few minutes, COMBO will work its magic and convert your Twitch clip into a YouTube Short!

7. Download your edited clip

When your clip has finished processing, you'll get an e-mail notification letting you know it's finished and you can download it directly from your email. You can also visit your Inbox in COMBO and see all of the clips you've edited in one spot, download them, or copy a link to a specific clip so you can share it.

8. Upload it to YouTube Shorts

When you have your clip saved to your phone, open up the YouTube mobile app and add a new video from the (+) button in the toolbar. If you're reading this in May, it's likely that YouTube Shorts is still in Beta – so to get it to actually publish to YouTube Shorts, you'll need to include the #shorts hashtag in the title of your video.

Hit upload, and that's it!

Though if you do run into any issues, take a look at the official guide from YouTube.

And that's about it! It takes seconds to turn your Twitch clips into Shorts with COMBO. Get started today.