How to Host a Stream on Twitch

How to Host a Stream on Twitch

After a long day of streaming, you might want to support someone in your community by hosting their stream.

Twitch has a feature called hosting, which features a streamer of your choice on your channel and allows your chat to interact with them while they watch.

To host someone else on Twitch, you have to type "/host" in your chat followed by the name of the channel you want to host. When you do that, it will automatically start playing the hosted stream to your viewers.

If you decide you don't want to host someone, you can stop hosting them by typing "/unhost" in your chat.

You can also set up a series of streamers in your preferences to host automatically (autohost) when you are not streaming. You can set this list as random, or to prioritize one person over another.

Your editors can begin and end host sessions for you, but moderators cannot.

Auto Hosting is enabled by default for creators who are part of the Twitch Partner Program, and can be enabled by all broadcasters.

Twitch will select a channel to host whenever your channel is offline and not actively hosting another creator.

Auto Hosting will only take effect once your channel is offline, and will also immediately un-host when your channel goes live.