How to Create a YouTube Channel

How to Create a YouTube Channel

As one of the biggest media sharing platforms out there, YouTube is pertinent for its plethora of videos and unique content. It's a channel used by the world at large to share, communicate and express ideas, and is a popular pastime for many.

A common way to get involved on the platform, many people decide to make YouTube Channels as a way to establish themselves online or amass a large following. In this article, we'll detail how you can start your very own YouTube channel, and what the process will entail.

1. Sign In

To create a YouTube channel, you must already have a Google account. If you don't this is something that can be done easily through a separate process.

If you already have a Google account ready for use, you'll want to start the process of making a channel by navigating to the top right corner of your screen and selecting 'Sign In'.

It is important that you use whatever email and Google account you would like your channel to be associated with, as it will be the one generating it.

2. Create A Channel

After following the prompts necessary to sign into your Google account, you will be redirected back to YouTube however this time under whatever account you used to sign in.

From here, you'll want to go over to your YouTube settings, select your profile icon, and choose 'Create A Channel' from the drop down menu.

3.  Name Your Channel

Next, the platform will give you two options to choose from in regards to how you'd like your new channel to be set up, either under the provisions of a personal or custom business name.

It's important to note that upon completion of this step, a new Google account with its own YouTube history and settings will be made for your channel name, and will nest within the main Google account under which it was formed. This is a quite useful feature, as it can allow you to uniquely participate in and engage on YouTube as your channel name, while still maintaining your original identity on Google itself.

4. Make It Your Own

After this, you'll have the option to further personalize your channel. You'll definitely want to take advantage of the following features.

Upload a profile picture: Your profile picture isn't just an image, it's a representation and characterization of your channel itself. Because this picture will be what many viewers know and recognize you by, it's important to make the most out of it. Consider what best represents your channel and how you can best translate it into a visual that will be visually appealing to users, and apply it to your profile picture in your channel's settings.

Add a channel description: Descriptions aren't something to be overlooked when it comes to making a successful YouTube channel, as they are often the primary ways in which potential viewers perceive and interpret one. Seek to use the description option in your channel's settings to really express who you are, what you share and why it's of value to viewers to get the most interest possible.

Add social links: The more connections, the better! Connecting relevant social accounts and websites to your YouTube channel is a great way to spread the word about it, and can likewise be beneficial in sourcing a better following for your other platforms. Add as many relevant links as possible through your channels settings, and provide alternate ways for users to know, reach and find you in doing so.

Best Practices in Improving Your Channel

Really, the best thing you can do to bolster your growth on YouTube is by taking advantage of everything it has to offer. This means adding videos, media and other content which will enhance your audience's experience and ultimately leave them coming back for more. Seek to invigorate your channel with relevant and interesting materials that will make your account stand out, and take as many measures possible to make sure they're easy to find and share.

Furthermore, an essential practice when it comes down to effectively developing your presence on YouTube is emphasizing the quality of your videos, and making sure that everything you put out there is something of value. Doing so will make it easier for viewers to find, understand and admire your content, and will ultimately help in establishing your channel as a reputable and valid one.

Making a YouTube channel is also only the beginning, as there are a number of other ways you can grab ahold of the platform and reap everything it has to offer. With all that the world of YouTube has to share, you're bound to create new experiences and lasting memories.