How to Combine Videos on TikTok

How to Combine Videos on TikTok

You might want to know how to combine videos on TikTok to create a montage of different clips from your stream, or maybe you just have a fun highlight reel you want to share.

In this article we'll take a look at how you can combine videos on TikTok using TikTok's native app, so you don't have to download any extra tools if you're trying to do something quick and easy.

To combine videos on TikTok, use the official TikTok Camera that anyone can use.

  • First, press the big Plus (+) bottom on the bottom of your TikTok app
  • Press on the gallery icon to upload videos from your camera roll
  • Tap the next button
  • Adjust your clips
  • If you tap the clip, you will be able to choose what clip’s part include in your TikTok video
  • When your clips are adjusted, hit the Done button

There are other ways you can combine videos on TikTok, but that is the most straightforward way today.