Do Twitch Highlights Get Deleted?

Do Twitch Highlights Get Deleted?

So you've been streaming on Twitch for a while now, maybe a few months, maybe a few years. Over the course of that time, you've captured some great highlights.

But do Twitch highlights get deleted? Is it possible that these funny, exciting, or downright gross highlights get deleted?

You don't want to lose those great memories right?

Well luckily, Twitch highlights never get deleted.

"Highlights allow you to curate your Past Broadcasts into shorter video segments. To highlight a specific part in a VOD you can do so by going to your Video Producer. From there select the VOD you wish to highlight by clicking the three dot menu expansion icon on the right of the VOD listing and clicking the "Highlight" option. Remember, Highlights are saved forever on your channel."

To learn more about how Twitch VODs work, take a look at their help center.