The Best Places to Find Discord Server Icons

The Best Places to Find Discord Server Icons

With over 140 million monthly active users Discord is steadily increasing its presence in the web world. So, you have just set up your own Discord server to not miss out on the fun. But does your account look too plain? Have you missed something?

Without a proper icon, your account will always miss the right feel. Default Discord icons are quite boring and devoid of personality. Getting a professional designer to create a logo is surely a good option, but often not feasible.

The good thing is you can get Discord icons without spending money. Multiple online platforms offer the icons for free. In case the readymade logos available do not fit your taste, you can create a fully customized logo on your own.

While there are multiple paid platforms, there are also online logo design tools that will let you create one without spending a single dime. And yes, you do not need to be an expert to create personalized Discord icons on these platforms.

Check out the best places to find Discord server icons.


Looking for a free Discord logo but do not have the time to try out the online design tools? Then can be a useful resource. The platform is a good repository of icons and vectors that you can use independently for your Discord server.

It has several free icons that can be quickly downloaded and used. If you have a little more time, you may pick some icons from the site and use them to create a customized logo of your choice.


If you are looking for colorful and interesting ready-to-use icons for your Discord server, refer to

This site offers several creative, well-designed icons perfect to use directly or in a customized logo design. The icons on this platform are available in multiple formats, giving you more flexibility in design.


A comprehensive repository of icons, providing a wide range of choices. Along with the free version, also offers subscriptions.

However, the free repository is good enough to quickly find the icons you may need for your discord server. The vectors available on this site can be used in creating your own design as well.


You can easily create a personalized Discord server logo with Wix Logo Maker. The platform offers a bunch of easy features to create a fully customized logo as per your choice.

Create an account on the platform and start designing your logo right away.  It will ask you questions like – “What’s your logo for?”, “How should your logo look?” with multiple choice answers. Select your preferences and the tool will smoothly lead you through the design process.


To create a Discord logo that stands out, professionals often opt for the discord logo maker offered by Graphicsprings. This do-it-yourself design solution is a handy tool with great efficiency. The tool will walk you through the logo-making process step-by-step.

You can add text, graphics, or images as per your choice. You can also change the color, size, and other features of the different elements in your logo in the next step. Add special effects to give it a fresh touch.


The logo maker offered by Canva is popular for ease of use and high quality.  Multiple icon templates are available on the site, and you can easily edit these templates to create your own personal Discord logo or create one from scratch.

Add custom text and images to the templates as per your choice to create something with personality and a dash of style. The Canva online editor is fairly simple to use.

This platform offers a 3-step Discord logo maker that is easy to use and can produce high-quality logos. The process starts with filling in your company name.

Once you have added the name the tool will automatically generate a list of discord logo designs. You can change fonts, colors, and layouts as per your preferences. Once you have designed the logo of your choice, you can add more effects to customize it.


One of the best free Discord logo makers on the web. It is a great platform to design a customized logo in seconds.

The tool is super-easy to use, and comes with loads of customization options. What makes it stand out is that the editor also offers color and font recommendations making the task even simpler.


To give your Discord server the right look and feel, you can easily create a logo with the Looka Discord logo maker.

Start with providing your business name and then select the logo style, symbols, and colors to be used. The AI-powered logo maker will use your inputs to generate logo templates that you can edit as per needs.

Now you know where to find the best Discord server icons that can give your account a unique personality.

So, if you are already on Discord, quickly add a suitable logo from the above resources and give your Discord server a personal touch.