Best Thumbnail Editors for YouTube

Best Thumbnail Editors for YouTube

No matter how you feel about the platform, YouTube has totally transformed the world as we know it. What started as a fringe hangout allowing people from all walks of life to create and share videos has been transformed into a massive social media outlet with 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors. As such, YouTube has become an essential marketing tool for not only individuals but also for small companies and major conglomerates.

Nevertheless, as the site increases in saturation, users must do their best to stand out among the massive amounts of competition. One way of doing so is by focusing on boosting the quality of your videos. For instance, thumbnails are one of the most important yet underestimated aspects of any given video. This is because thumbnails are the first thing a potential viewer sees before deciding to watch your video. With that in mind, the following is a list of some of the top thumbnail editors for YouTube.


One of the best thumbnail editors for YouTube is Fotojet. Although many people use it as a tool for graphic design, collage making, and editing photos, it can actually be a great thumbnail editor for YouTube. One of the best features of this editor is that it has an advanced thumbnail creator tool that makes it possible to quickly rotate, crop, resize, or filter images, allowing you to make the perfect thumbnail without exerting too much effort.


No matter your level of skill, Canva is a very powerful tool for creating pictures and graphics of all kinds. Although it is a great tool for skilled graphic designers, virtually anyone can use this tool to create YouTube thumbnails. Canva offers a wide variety of features that are great for thumbnail creation, such as lines, shapes, stock photos, grids, frames, illustrations, and more. Best of all, the platform offers a free YouTube thumbnail maker.


Another great YouTube photo editor is PicMonkey. Although it is no longer free, many people find the $4 fee to be more than worth it. Offering a variety of frames, fonts, filters, exclusive overlays, and more, PicMonkey is very popular among YouTubers because it provides over 100 designer-crafted thumbnail templates, the option to create logos, and also includes the option to retouch facial beautification.

Wondershare PixStudio

If you are looking for an all-in-one graphic design tool, Wondershare PixStudio is an excellent choice. Making it possible for users to create logos, thumbnails, posters, and more, Wondershare PixStudio is both free and easy to use. This editor also allows users to remove backgrounds and make designs quickly and easily, regardless of their level of experience.


Another popular free YouTube thumbnail editor is Pixlr. This tool offers high-quality filters, lots of free effects, and a collection of comprehensive editing tools that can be used for various reasons. It also allows users to add overlays to thumbnails for free.

Adobe Spark

Adobe photo editors are used for a wide variety of features for graphic designers. Great for beginners, Adobe Spark offers users the ability to personalize text, backgrounds, and colors with ease. This free tool is simplistic and allows users to add additional images as necessary. So, if you are looking for a high-quality thumbnail editor without a ton of unnecessary features, Adobe Spark may be it.


If you are looking for a thumbnail editor with lots of advanced features, Fotor is an excellent choice. For instance, Fotor offers the ability to save your creations on the cloud, fast processing times, and is simple to use. In addition, providing users with eye-catching themes from all over the world, Fotor is an excellent tool for those with expert-level graphic design skills and those who are just starting out.

Photo Editor

Photo Editor is highly popular because of the various features it offers with regard to editing photos. For instance, users have access to a variety of stickers and frames. It also offers the ability to adjust elements such as brightness, redeye, and sharpness. Moreover, you can easily flip, crop, or rotate your pictures; you can also create memes with the pictures of your choice, which can be shared across social media.

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you are for the best YouTube thumbnail editors, this list should provide you with enough tools to peruse. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced if you want to pay for your tool or try out some free ones, this list is sure to get you headed in the right direction. Either way, keep in mind that your thumbnails are a very important tool to help you attract more viewers. So, no matter which tool you choose, make sure that you are taking the time when creating your designs.