Best Royalty Free Music Playlists on YouTube

Best Royalty Free Music Playlists on YouTube

Who doesn't like a great playlist to work to, stream to, or play games to? Maybe it's low-fi beats, maybe it's something more like classic rock, or maybe something inbetween.

In this post, we'll take a look at some of our favorite playlists on YouTube for royalty free music.

It's worth noting that while some playlists include royalty free music in them, they may not be safe to listen to while streaming on Twitch. It's best that you contact the artists in the playlist to double check.

Twitch Stream Music: Lofi Beats Mix

I mean what can we say – it's our own lo-fi beats playlist that we love to work to! While this playlist is made up of (mostly) royalty free music, some creators have suggested that some of the music included has resulted in copyright strikes in their content. So just be careful if you do decide to stream with this music.

Trap Nation: Lowly Palace Mix

If you're looking for something a little more upbeat, Trap Nation's Lowly Palace Mix has you covered. The songs in this playlist will get your fingers moving quick, and your head in the right space to get stuff done – or win a round or two of Fortnite.

Animal Crossing Lofi Chill Hop Mix

Who doesn't love Animal Crossing? If you're looking for some lofi chill hop to listen to while you're getting some work done or streaming, this mix by KronoMuzik is perfect.